Monday, June 23, 2014

I'm A Bad Blogger

I realize that I started this blog and then quit posting for about a year. Life happens and you get busy and my view count is so low I doubt anyone missed me. But I do want to be consistent in my blogs. I have so much to catch my few readers up on!

First, I got married! It was lovely and better than I could have ever imagined it to be. The decorations were beautiful and I think I did pick the very best people for my bridesmaids. They were a great comfort to have right before I walked down the aisle. Especially my sister-in-law. Being the only one in my group of bridesmaids to actually be married she had a better understanding of the anxiety that hits you right before the ceremony starts. Those last 5 minutes are the worst! Yes, I was excited to get married and I know I chose the right person to spend my life with but I was nervous! Up until right before the ceremony we were taking pictures and getting ready and then when it was time to go hide before people got there I just started freaking out. It was only like 15 minutes but it felt like an hour.

The ceremony went smoothly and the reception was a blast. My favorite part I think was how my maid of honor just snatched the bouquet during the bouquet toss. Another one of my dear friends was so close to having it in her hands and then Krysten swooped in at the very last second and stole it.

And now some highlights of the wedding!

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