Monday, September 2, 2013

Wisdom Teeth

Earlier this week I had my wisdom teeth pulled. It wasn't too bad since they knocked me clear out for it. I looked away when they started to put in the magic needle that would make me forget this whole experience. Needles freak me out, I can't stand them. Most people find that funny since I used to have a lot of piercings but there is a big difference between making a small hole and injecting stuff into you.

Anyway the next thing I knew I was waking up in a comfy chair hooked up to a machine checking my blood pressure. I asked the nurse how long I had been sitting there and she told me 40 minutes! I couldn't believe I'd been knocked out that long. I think my mom and brother were disappointed in my amount of loopiness. They were hoping I would be talking nonsense all day like the last time I had any kind of pain meds. But I slept it off and then was just sore for the next few days.

Jacob helped watch Sadie and make sure she went out like she was supposed to. She is getting more into routine which is great. Allen brought me flowers and was so sweet! Leah and Krysten stopped by twice to bring me ice cream and see how I was doing.

The only bad day was Wednesday. I tried to go back to work too soon. It was my day at the church and I thought oh I can handle just going in and getting the bare minimum done. But I couldn't. I started feeling sick to my stomach and hot. Poor Allen didn't understand the urgency when I said we needed to go. I guess I did a little too good a job at sounding calm and collected because when he didn't move, I rushed him and he looked shocked at the sudden change in tone. I had to keep stopping on the walk back to the car. I only had to cross a small field but it felt like forever. Then when we sat in the car I told him to turn the AC on full blast and then I leaned over and threw up in the parking lot. Allen put his hand on my back and later apologized for not realizing how miserable I was feeling at first.

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