Monday, August 26, 2013

Sadie Kay Bramlett

My corgi baby is here! Her official name is Sadie Kay Bramlett but we call her Sadie. Sadie for Sexy Sadie a song by The Beatles, Kay for Duck Dynasty, and Bramlett because that's Allen's last name and my future name.

I am sleeping on the couch until she is better potty trained and can trust her on the carpet. So far she's been pretty good. She snuggled up to me around bed time and just passed out. I got up and took her out multiple times throughout the night so I'm tired. Whenever I felt her start moving more than just rolling over in her sleep I took her out or put her in her pen lined with puppy pads. She whined in the pen unless I laid next it where she could lay next time. After she went or starting falling back asleep I'd take her back to the couch so I could sleep too.

Nicky doesn't seem too sure about her, Buster likes her, and we still need to introduce her to Ringo and Mumford. Poor Nicky was so excited to see me until he saw her. He doesn't dislike her but is wary of her for now. I think the pen helps because she can't run around the house freely like he can. I've been making sure I still love on him just as much or more than the puppy. I read that doing so shows his dominance and lets alpha dog know he's not being replaced.

I'll be happy when she's potty trained and I can sleep in my comfy bed again but for now it's not too bad. Her cuteness helps make up for my lack of comfort.

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