Monday, August 19, 2013

Marry and Bury

This weekend we went back to Allen's hometown. We were there for two reasons.

One. We had to discuss wedding plans with his side of the family. His dad still needs to find a way to come here and meet my parents. Then we talked about what the groom's side is responsible for and what the bride's side has. News to us was Allen's dad is supposed to pay for my bouquet. We just thought he covered the rehearsal dinner. And the Parkers plan on helping us with the honeymoon. So I'm giving up my dreams of Hawaii for now and agreeing to go on a cruise. Allen immediately started looking up cruises and they're booking up fast so we need to get a move on in that area.

Two. Allen got licensed! Not got his license like he can drive now but licensed by the church. Now he can perform wedding ceremonies and funerals. The pastor left out until last minute that when he called Allen up to present the license he was going to call me up too since we're getting married. The look on my face was that of shock and fear because I hate going up in front of people. I'm more of a behind the scenes person. Allen's home church is huge too. I'm used to 30-100 people max. His church has on average 600 people there! I was terrified but I was there for him.

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