Monday, August 12, 2013

Money Doesn't Grow On Trees

Money problems. Everyone seems to have them. I used to be free of them for the most part. I still don't have as many bills as most since I live at home and I'm thankful for that. But lately I've been struggling and it sucks.

I had this nice big amount saved up from when all I had to pay for was my car insurance and my gas. Then I took summer classes and had to pay for those, there went a chunk but it was still ok. I still had my safety net. Then I got a new car and that pretty much wiped me out and added to the list of monthly bills now I have a car payment. I tithe.

I'm about to get a corgi so I have to pay for that. I need to pay my parents back. I dropped a summer class and after I paid for the classes my dad paid me back for them. Well that money went to the car and to the huge deductible for upgrading to full coverage insurance. Now I owe dad for a class I dropped. I owe mom for using her card to buy Allen's wedding ring.

I have to get my wisdom teeth pulled and have to pay for half of it myself because my mom can't afford the whole thing and her part of wedding expenses. She keeps hoping Dad will offer her help with it but so far no go and we don't want to ask for it so unless he offers I plan on paying her back for half. She doesn't expect me to but I want to because she is struggling without child support. My little brother hasn't gotten a job yet so she still has to pay for his gas and insurance as well.

Allen struggles too and I help him when I can. Unfortunately, my safety net is gone so I can't help him right now. It is all so frustrating but we'll make it through. I'll just have to keep praying and budgeting.

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