Monday, July 22, 2013

He's So Fluffy!

Allen had told me he found a kitten in the parking lot of his apartment days ago. He tried to catch it but it ran away. He didn't want to keep it but he did want to get it away from all the cars. Since he didn't catch and I never saw it I started to forget about this mystery kitten.

Then as we were walking into his apartment after taking Ringo, the dog, out to use the bathroom I heard a faint yet familiar noise. (I used to have a lot of cats, like 20.) I turned on instinct and saw a gray fluffy, dirty, little kitten hiding under a parked car. Meowing constantly for attention, I felt so bad for the poor thing. Allen said I wouldn't be able to catch her because she would just run away. But I tried anyway, I knelt down and meowed back to it and stuck my hand out for her to come to. At first she hesitated but then she ran right to me and I scooped her up.

As I walked in with her in my arms I asked if she was thirsty in a baby voice. Allen was feeding Ringo and hadn't looked up yet so he responded with "I just gave him water." Then he looked at me and was like "no, we cannot keep it. I already have a cat and a dog." He had a point but I couldn't leave her in the Texas heat in a parking lot. So we gave her food and water and I put her in the sink to give her a bath. Turned out the gray kitten was actually gray and white, she was that dirty.

After playing with her for a couple hours I went on the hunt to find her a home. She stayed with Allen for 2 days until the day of our engagement. Then my friend, Leah, was able to take her home to her kittens that were about the same age. She fits in great and it turns out she is actually a he!

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