Monday, July 15, 2013

Painting With a Twist - Call of the Wild

I have a list of events I want to talk about without posting too many things at once but I had to talk about my engagement before anything else. So now back to girls night from forever ago.

We tried Painting with a Twist for the first time and absolutely loved it! There are different themes at different time slots for every day. On their website they have a calendar of events and a picture of the painting for that time. We signed up for Call of the Wild which was night sky with a wold howling at a moon.

None of us have much talent when it comes to the arts. Well, that's not entirely true. Krysten is amazing at painting nails. But as far as being an artist goes we aren't very skilled. It is slightly disappointing for me because all three of my brothers are very skilled in either music or art. In Jon's case he's great at both, he can paint, draw, sculpt, and play guitar, banjo, piano, bass, harmonica, violin, and I'm probably forgetting some other instrument. He is hogging most of the talent in our family.

I have zero art or music skills. But Painting with a Twist doesn't require talent, it requires following the instructions and it'll come out great! All we had to do was sit at our easels and do what the teacher told us. We had fun joking around with the other people there and painting our first piece of art. If you ask Jon it's not real art but it's the best I can do so to me it is art.

I highly recommend going and trying it at least once. I can't wait to go again!

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