Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Monsters University

I went and saw Monsters University with my friends Leah and Krysten, Krysten's boyfriend David, and my boyfriend Allen. We enjoyed it!

Every Pixar movie starts with a short film and while the girls thought the story of two umbrellas falling in love and watching other inanimate objects smile and help them was adorable the boys were not amused. They thought it was stupid and a waste of animation.

The actual movie though was great! We laughed and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was great to see how different character relationships formed and what younger Mike and Sully were like.


If you haven't seen it and hate spoilers stop here.

I was shocked and delighted to see that after cheating on the final exam Mike and Sully were expelled and did not magically find a special loop hole to get back in. They simply do not graduate college. I'm not happy that they failed but I was shocked. Most children movies have a happy ending and the ending is happy but not the way I expected. Instead of graduating and getting their dream jobs, Mike and Sully go to Monsters Inc. and start from the bottom until they get to the jobs they have when we watched them the first time. They go and start out in the mailroom and over the years they move up to a higher level until they reach the status of Scarer and Scream Tank monitor. They rough it and don't give up. They don't get the dream career simply handed to them, they work for it and never lose sight of their dreams.

That is an idea of life I feel people are starting to forget. No one wants to do the crappy job, instead they expect to start higher and higher simply because they went to school. And we look down on those who don't go to school. I myself am guilty of this, I judged one of my best friends for not going and we are no longer friends now. There is nothing wrong with entering the workforce right out of high school. College isn't for everyone and that's ok. As long as you work hard and can support yourself then you don't need a fancy degree. If you want a career where school is required like a doctor than by all means go to school. I'm not saying college is pointless but I am saying it is ok to admit that it isn't for everyone and there's no shame  in that.

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