Monday, July 8, 2013

Would You Go With Me

July 5 seems forever ago but it was only this past Friday. It is the day I got engaged!

It started out normal. I went to work and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I was looking forward to going to Olive Garden on a double date when I got off.  Then Allen starts talking about some errand he needs to run before we go so to make sure I'm ready early. So I try my best to get ready early but like most girls it simply doesn't happen. Instead of running his errand now he wants to stop by the church because Jacob needed help with something. I looked at the time and thought he was crazy because we didn't have time, we would be late. Jacob just wanted us to be there while the praise band took pictures for the church website (that's the cover story I was told). When we walked in we couldn't find Jacob and I was getting frustrated because we were late. They weren't in the sanctuary like normal instead Jacob was out front and he was the only band member there!

I was so mad that I got on to him telling him he was cutting into date night. Then Allen told me to sit down and grabbed his guitar. I assumed they were trying to take a picture so I was still mad. Then they started playing my favorite Josh Turner song, Would You Go With Me, and I realized what was going on. I'll admit at first once I realized what was happening I was scared, I was thinking oh my gosh this is too soon, I'm too young, we haven't been dating long enough. Then as I sat there I started thinking oh my gosh he picked the perfect song, the perfect place, and I love it!

I am truly amazed at everyone's ability to keep a secret since normally my friends and family are terrible at keeping them. Now I have to actually plan a wedding and not just pin wedding dresses I like.

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