Wednesday, July 3, 2013

So Many Plans So Little Time

Normally my week consists of going to work for my dad on Monday and Friday only, and for the church Wednesday and Saturday. After work or on my days off I'm at home hanging out with my boyfriend, Allen, my brother, Jacob, and my mom. If I'm not hanging out with them then I'm reading or playing the Sims. I live a simple existence. But these past few weeks have been really busy. For the first time ever I forgot about plans with my friends!

It started out like a normal week, I went to work, I posted my first blog and I did my homework for my biology class that thankfully ended yesterday. Tuesday I went to Krysten's (best friend 1) apartment with Leah (best friend 2) and Krysten painted our nails. That's her hobby and she's great at it. Feel free to look her up on instragram, krysten_renee. We had a girls night and made plans for Leah's upcoming 21st birthday. The rest of the week was normal until Saturday. Saturday was the day to begin decorating for VBS, then after being there for hours I had to rush home to finish some homework before the birthday festivities. Krysten and Leah wanted to go out to eat sooner than I thought so instead of taking my time to get ready after my homework I had to rush and run out the door. We went out to eat, Painting with a Twist (highly recommend), and saw Monsters University (hilarious).

Sunday I went to church, picked up some pictures from Walmart, and then drove about 40 minutes to go to Allen's church because he works in a small town church not so close to where we live. Monday I worked, movie night with Marian (friend from church) we watch Safe Haven (read it first) and cried at the end, game night, and then took 2 tests for class. Then that brings us to yesterday.

Yesterday I worked at the church because I had to work for my dad today. The 3rd is always incredibly busy at a loan company. After work Allen and I took my pastor out to lunch. Then we ran some errands he needed to do and went grocery shopping. Everything was going smoothly and then when we were about to drive away, a woman backed into Allen's car! We had to wait on the police to come file a report. Thankfully a man stayed with us and gave a statement because he saw the whole thing and the woman was claiming we were at fault when we were already completely backed out of our spot when she started backing up. After that we went to his apartment and unloaded the groceries, called the insurance, and I rescued a kitten that was hungry and dirty in the parking lot. After all that we went to my house so I could take my final and be done for the summer. Then my friends called and asked when I was coming over. Apparently during the birthday fun we'd made plans to get nails decorated for the 4th! I felt terrible I couldn't go and I completely forgot about them!

Allen wins best boyfriend award here because he helped me with my final and text Krysten and made plans for her to do my nails afterwards. It was very sweet and I was so happy!

That was my week so far. I'll post more detailed thoughts on Monsters University and Safe Haven later.

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